Friday, February 4, 2011

What they wear

Today was "one of those days" (or more like "one of those mornings") in the Willson household. Lydia has been sick for the past couple days and, as she is turning the corner, becoming a little stir-crazy. While his sister was down-and-out, Tobias was getting accustomed to having more than typical amount of attention. As this became usurped, he decided to attempt to regain his new-found power only to find resistance. All of this made for a relatively frustrated mommy. ARGH!

Since we weren't able to leave the house, I anticipated staying in PJs all day, which is why I started by choosing "footie pjs" as my "what they wear" subject-matter. I took a few shots, then re-read the tutorial. Whoops. I neglected the assignment which was to get out the camera manual and read about the "metering" modes and try them out. I had visions of playing around with this on some varied subject matter like Lydia's $5 Veggietales watch or the holes and paintsplatters on Mark's jeans as he works on refinishing a dresser for our new little one. However, neither of these came to fruition as the daylight faded... So, I went back to my original shots and this is what I choose to share...

I wanted to get a little more of the feet in the photo (you know, to capture the "footie" part of footie PJs), but, due to my current condition, I'm just not physically able to get any lower. :) Although a little distracting, the blue tissue box behind Toby's head describes the state of the day as does the TV-zoned look on his face.
When I turned it to black-and-white I lost the background distraction and also drew the light toward his face (as opposed to his PJs). So different how the effects can totally change the mood of a photo.

So, yes, I love my kids. I love them when they are sick and mopey. I love them when they lounge around in footie PJs. I love them even when they are ripping things out of each others' hands (although this is obviously the most difficult time to love). I love them. I love them. I love them.