Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out and About

Despite the onslaught of nasty weather (snow, ice, wind, you name it, we've had it!) we are finally getting out and about a little more.

This week, Lydia had a "fieldtrip" to our local Giant grocery store with her preschool class. They learned about the different food groups (and received samples from each) as well as other ways to keep our bodies healthy like brushing our teeth, drinking water, and exercising.

Not surprising, Lydia was the "line leader" right off the bat.

Here they are "brushing their teeth" in the toothbrush aisle.

At each "stop" they received a food group sticker for on their hat and learned a little something about the benefits of the food group.

I neglected to capture the "live lobster" (a certain highlight of the day). Here they are all lined up in the dairy aisle with their string cheese.
She was so focused on that silly cheese. Like she's never eaten it (or anything!) before :)

At the end they got a treat from the "eat sparingly" food group, which happens to be the highlight of Toby's pyramid. :)

Lydia couldn't have been more thrilled with the bag of "goodies" they sent back to the school which included her very own ruler. I continue to be amazed at the simple things that thrill her.

And then there are the things that thrill mommy... My parents, Leslie, and Rach made the trek to the Polish pottery warehouse sale in the "white out" conditions yesterday. I definitely got my "fix" - this stuff is über-addicting (and beautiful, and practical!)

On another note...
I'm in the kitchen, cleaning up lunch and notice that the kids are playing quite contentedly. "Something must be up," I thought. So I inquired, "Lydia, what are you doing out there?" Her response, "I'm hoarding things." Yes, Lydia loves to stash "special things" in certain places around the house particularly under her bed, under the sofa, and on/under her "desk".
Here's an example of her "stash" - includes rocks, Thomas trains, daddy's guitar music, and often candy. :)

I'm pretty sure it started by her not wanting Toby to get into her "special things", however now it seems more of a ritual, a harmless one at that. She's been asking lots of questions about God lately. Today's was, "Do I need to say 'sorry' to God for hoarding things?" Others include, "Where does Jesus live?" And she's putting together that people who have died are "living with Jesus." (like her great-grandmothers both of whom she knew). Her prayers are becoming touching and heartfelt. And she's "talking to God" throughout the day. "Mommy, please be quiet, I'm talking to God right now." She tells Him, "Sorry" for things she has done that He wouldn't be happy about and tells Him about her daily activities or prays for someone or something. My darling daughter truly inspires me... challenges me, yet inspires me...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The white stuff and more...

Shortly after my most recent blog a couple things happened:
• We completed our painting project – woooo hoooo!!!
• I spent a week taking care of a very sick Tobias.
He fell asleep on the sofa just like this. Must be sick!

Poor guy had a pretty high fever for days (2 times I checked it, it was over 104º!) and therefore was held A.LOT. I also had the opportunity to memorize every On Demand Wiggles episode. ;)

• We got snow. (ok, that’s an understatement). We got LOTS of snow.
The day of the first storm Mark got called into work so I decided to attempt to take the kids out into the snow myself. The chill in the breeze and the snow falling made Tobias wary of even setting foot off the front porch.

Lydia ventured a couple steps into the front yard where she promptly got stuck and declared her strong desire to go back inside. Go figure. I tried. A valiant effort.

Even our poor snowman was calling out the S.O.S.!

When the weather outside is frightful, a fire is so very delightful.

Particularly when it brings us these delightful goodies!

(Toby climbs on the table)

Thanks, daddy for the s’mores!

To keep ourselves occupied we get a kick out of dressing up Tobias

And doing LOTS of crafts. Valentine's Day gave us perfect projects.

Just when we were beginning to see signs of melting, cleared driveway, and mobility around town, Mr. Blizzard hit.

Here's a little perspective (and a glimpse of warmer weather to come!!!)

The playset

Now THAT is some serious snow. (I was sent out by myself during the kids' naptime to document this monstrosity of a storm, thus the random self-portrait. And note, I didn't last long...)

Lydia had the opportunity to play on a HUGE pile of snow at the high school with her friends, Riley & Luke. They had a BLAST! (so I was told. I was inside drinking tea and napping, in that order.)

Lydia is about to be tossed in the air by Mr. Dortenzo.

I also played around in the photo studio a little. My subjects were less than cooperative, but I still got some ok shots. Here's a glimpse. Check the rest out at my photo blog... It's Still Life Photography

Lydia has been counting down the days until Valentine's Day. Not sure why the anticipation - perhaps it was the thought of receiving presents and sharing cards with her friends, and having parties. I mean, it is something to get excited about! Great Aunt Vic & Great Uncle Eric brought over a special present...which resulted in lots of laughter, squeals, and hugs. :)
Lydia ADORES the huge horsey

Toby is still trying to decide...

Taking a "ride" with daddy

They always bring so much fun - bubbles in wintertime!

As we celebrate "Love" we are also ever-thankful for our cozy house, plenty of good food to eat, clean water, warm clothing, electircity!, satisfying jobs, loving family and friends, and most of all our Savior, Jesus Christ who loved us soooo much that He gave His life so that we might live. Thank you, Lord for all you are and your countless blessings!
1 John 4:9-12
"God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him. This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins. Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other. No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us."