Tuesday, August 28, 2007

11 months

Lydie survived mommy's birthday month :)
On my birthday morning I found a photo on my pillow leading me on a photo scavenger hunt. These are some of the pictures that were included in it.

It led me to the basement filled with balloons and my wonderful husband and darling daughter, in hats singing "Happy Birthday" with an ice cream cake! What a great way to start the day!

I had a beautiful birthday celebration - a picnic at PenMar park. The three of us enjoyed a minihike on the Appalachian trail before lunch and relaxing. Dad and I danced to the live bigband music. What a gorgeous day and a special time.
Getting lovin' from daddy

Helping mommy blow out the candles on her shoofly cake - awesome!

Getting a ride from Gpa

Snuggling on Great-ma's lap

The Willson's on mommy's 28th birthday - what more could I ask for!?

Lydia and her cousin, Gabby - double trouble!

Mommy gives kisses while Lydia blows kisses


Maeve is such a trooper. Lydie didn't give up until that hat was in her hands. All the while, Maeve smiles :)

Lydie finally got the hat!

On one of the hottest days of the summer we decided to visit the Exotic Animal Rescue in Fairfield (and of course feed my Polish pottery addiction on the way home ;) Lydia LOVED the animals. She would stare and stare and when they'd move or come close to her, she'd bounce up and down and shriek with glee. The day before we went she got practice feeding the goats at Bender's Produce Barn.
See, she made friends with this goat very quickly even without a snack for him.

Mommy and baby: hot, but happy

Amazed at the animals

I know this isn't of Lydia, however I had to include one of these amazing shots Mark got with our mega zoom lense. When this lioness growled, all 3 of us jumped!

We went to visit our friends who were camping at Caledonia (I wussed out this year) and had a blast. Lydia and Avery are just a joy to watch together. Little blondies.

We took a 15 mile bike ride on the Western Maryland Rail Trail. Here we stopped for a rest by the C&O canal.

Well, you've all seen "cute" Lydie, now how about "crazy" Lydie!

She has this habit of pulling at the hair on the side of her head when she's eating if she's tired. Obviously the food acts like hair gel and by the end of the meal she looks like a wild child.

Finger-walking with Gpa

Per Uncle John's request, Lydie got a hair trim last weekend. Her little mullet was driving John crazy (you can see him directing in the 3-person process).

Gearing up for football season. Go NY Giants! :)

A man in his truck with his dog and his little girl.

Drivin' daddy's truck.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Lydia has finally learned how to use her little walker. Obviously she doesn't quite understand how to steer, but it's a step toward walking ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

VA Beach

Lydie had a great trip to the beach! Leslie accompanied me and Lydia on a girls getaway to VA Beach. We met up with my dad's family and had a lovely time.

Beach babes on the boardwalk

Darling Lydie beachin' it

Lydia with her Gma & Gpa

Mommy and baby

Pre-bike ride. She actually liked her trailer this time. In fact, she was so relaxed she took a little snooze.

My cousin Julie brought water in buckets for Lydie to splash in away from the waves (she was scared of the water this time) and she had a blast in the sand.

While at the beach, Lydia learned how to show her adoring audience how she is a "big girl"! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007


More photos of Lydia with her friends. Aren't these kiddos getting big!?

The three amigos chowing down at Owen's 1st birthday party. Babies are so serious about their food, aren't they?

I took rapid fire photos, but still couldn't get all babies and daddies to look at the same time. Adam, Mark, and Josh with their little ones.

Brian and Maeve, Mark and Lydie. The girls are mesmerized with something?

10 Months

As I was scrolling through my photos, I realized the majority of them from this month are from vacation, so check out that blog. Here are some others - Enjoy!

Standing at her Leapfrog table - one of her favorites.

Standing at the bookshelf (another one of her favorites) with her big buddy Owen.

Lydie with daddy after his bikeride.

Mommy & baby in their purple.

I was standing about 30 feet away and this was Lydie attempting to get my attention. What a riot she is!

Her 10 month photos. I couldn't choose just one...

Who knew grass was so interesting?