Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lydie videos

Hope you enjoy these few videos...

Daddy & Lydie find splashing in the dog dish a true thrill, especially since mommy would disapprove. :)

While on vacation, Lydia learned to clap. A little uncoordinated, but still awful cute.

Going up...Lydia takes breaks from her stair climbing when she is distracted by daddy and Guinney playing.

Gonna get you... One of daddy and Lydie's favorite games

Sunday, July 15, 2007


We just returned from vacationing in New Bern, NC with Mike, Val (Mark's sister), & Gabby. What an adventure taking a road trip with little ones! Overall they did great - they were roommates and slept through the night. After we got back from the beach things took a down turn... The girls decided they had had enough of our routines (vs. theirs) & their pack-n-plays (vs. their cribs) and certainly let us know. We cut the trip short by a day and drove through the night home. Everyone enjoyed the time away and feels refreshed! Enjoy the photos! And check out the Willson blog for more!

The whole crew in front of the Tryon Palace.

Mommy and Lydie in the gardens.

We got caught in a huge thunderstorm while perusing the gardens. A wet, but happy family!

The Girls in the Pool

Lydie loves to play with daddy in the water

The Beach! It was a hot day (even though we got there in them morning) and very windy. Since the umbrellas blew down my primary goal was to keep Lydia's hat on and pale blond head out of the sun. Lydie had other ideas (like taking her hat off). I resorted to letting her chew on a seashell to halt the fussing. Thus, we ended up taking her for a walk in her stroller on the boardwalk and resting in the shade while Gabby played with her parents. It was a really nice beach (Atlantic)- not crowded, warm water, soft sand and besides infant challenges, a nice day!

Exactly what it looks like...despite mommys best attempts, Lydia eating sand

I think the water was her favorite part of the beach!

Happy Lydie (notice sand all over her face and hat is off :)

Mommy and Lydie riding the New Bern Bear

Looking out over the Neuse River

Friday, July 6, 2007

Family & Friends

Lydia with her Aunt Valerie, Gabby with her Aunt Meredith

Picnic with Gma & Gpa

Lydie & Gpa on Father's Day

Ok, so the photo is not too flattering of any of these adorable babies, but it's a miracle they all looked at the camera at the same time!

Luke & Lydia playing a fun game of stealing each others' pacifiers. Luke definitely has the advantage - he can get up and run away.

Lydia examining Owen's head. Obviously not Owen's favorite thing in the world.

Riley & Lydie - the girls in their birthday hats!

Lydia with another birthday boy, Owen!

Leaps and Bounds - 9 months

Lydia's 8 month photo

She LOVES the baby swings!

What she doesn't love so much are bike rides. Mark describes her response to her jaunts in the bike trailer as "She tolerates it." (After her initial crying in protest).

Sleeping beauty

In the grass - how precious!

Daddy and Lydie on Father's Day

She was so exhausted that she fell asleep on Uncle John's lap. What a way to relax...

All the fancy toys she has and she'd prefer to play with Guinness' basket!

Our budding rock star!

I left her for a minute and I came back in to find her ripping up tissues that she had removed from the coffee table. I had to include both of these photos because her expressions say it all!

Mommy and Lydie at a picnic.

Our patriotic baby. Happy Independence Day! :)

Lydia's 9 month photos

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Lydia Song

People have been inquiring about the "Lydia" song. My Aunt Sarah was the first to share this silly song. Here is the link to Kermit the frogs somewhat-"clean" version of it. I'll warn you, it's catchy - you'll be singing it all day! :)

Groucho Marx also does a little more "suggestive" version which you can find on the net. Grandma Willson wrote baby-appropriate lyrics. See below. Enjoy! We certainly enjoy our little Lydia (despite the fact that she has no tattoos).

Lydia oh Lydia say have you met Lydia,
Lydia, the happy baby.
She has eyes that folks adore so,
And little toes even more so.

Lydia oh Lydia, queen of photo media
Oh Lydia, so pretty in blue,
There at her feet sits a big plush kangaroo
As she lays in her rocker and smiles on cue
She can steal all hearts while she merely snoozes
You will love to love our Lydia

La la la la la la la la la la la la

She’s a rare little pearl who’ll be a gorgeous girl
Now she hugs her big teddy bear
Then she tries to grab Guinness’ hair
There’s not a busier baby elsewhere.

La la la la la la la la la la la la