Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gifts of love

So I pretty much feel like I "failed" at this assignment. It was to capture a "gift from the heart": something, tangible or intangible, that shows how others love through giving. Well, naturally my husband has given me more gifts than I can fathom. He has loved me through some dark days, particularly through a very self-destructive period. He persevered through infertility and prayed me through childbirth. Really, he has given me life - my own and that of my children. Truly, how do you photograph that!?!

And God's grace and love through my life is absolutely overwhelming. He loves me. He saved me. Again, can't imagine how to photograph the depth of this sacrificial love...

Perplexed and creatively spent, I took 5 minutes pre-nap attempting to get a photo of Tobias hugging my pregnant belly. This gift of love is one that I have cherished over the past few weeks. He'll randomly and passionately run up to me and declare, "Mommy! I want to hug the baby!" It melts my heart every time. The gray part at the bottom of the photo is my belly with his hand on it.


Annisa said...

This WAS a hard assignment!!! I love the photo you got, though. What a priceless moment!