Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm not sure how many people really care about this stuff, but I'm sharing it anyway...

Tobias had his 1 year "well-baby checkup" today and weighed in at 20 3/4 lb. (10-25th %ile) and 30 1/2" (50-75th %ile). He's certainly getting to be an armful, that's for sure. He also (with the help of his sister) succeeded in taking all of the books and puzzles off of the bookshelf this morning. I should have known that something was up when I thought, "My, they are playing so quietly and nicely together."
What a look of satisfaction and success on his face (by the way, he has a page of a book that he tore apart in his hand. :)

He also climbed onto the fireplace and into his train table. Whew! Keeping me on my toes! So thankful he has a good bill of health!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tobias is 1 Year Old!

Completely unimaginable that our little baby boy is now one year old. We are ever-so-thankful to our gracious God for his vibrant life and to our friends and family who have prayed for him, made him smile, and loved on him.
Just look at that smile!

Tobias is one busy boy. Needless to say this kid keeps us on our toes. When we carry him downstairs and place him on the floor in the family room to play he immediately crawls to the dog dish.

Once he finds that avenue-to-fun road-blocked, he abruptly alters his route directly to the stairs. Forbidden fruit is always the tastiest, right? This kid just wants to go “higher” – he’ll pull up on just about anything, but that doesn’t satisfy him. He’ll put his hands on the table and desk and attempt to climb up. Someday soon I fear he will succeed.

One of his favorite activities is playing “tag” with Lydie. Of course, he doesn’t realize he is being tagged or when he is the tagger, but he is thrilled with “chasing” her around the loop in our house. He has been “free standing” lately even long enough to clap or shake a maraca but no real steps yet…
Here he's trying with all of his might to get over the log.

Tobes loves to read books, particularly about animals. He has learned “What does a chick say?” and often repeats this noise for every other animal, however lately he’s been getting the horse, cow, and lamb. It is so much fun to teach him and see the grin of satisfaction and pride on his face when he makes the right sounds.
Intent on his "reading" with Mimi & Lydia. [Side note: Isn't his T-shirt adorable?! He received it from our friend, Amy for his first bday. Don't you think she should quit her day job and sell these, one of her many hand-made crafts?]

“Noisy” – definitely an accurate description of Tobias. He certainly lets us know when he’s not happy about something or is tired or hungry. His case of separation anxiety is pretty severe particularly from his mama. For a couple weeks he was doing better, even staying in Bible study babysitting for an hour or so. However, the past couple weeks he has been screaming his head off (to the point of almost hyperventilating) at which point his dear caregivers page me. I feel so badly for them. They are so patient with my attempts and understanding yet his volume and persistence pay off. His propensity for volume has also led to his attempts at words. In addition to his favorite word of all time, “Bahl” (ball) he also says “Dah” (dog) “Dah-nnnn” (down) & my new favorite, “Dih Deeah” (Lydia). He’ll also stop at the top of the steps and say “Boom” as if he knows what might happen if he ventures down them. He also exclaims “Boom” when he drops something. He makes cute repetitive sounds, “Dih kah, dih kah dooo weee!” And today playing with his birthday present, a train table, made a “choo” noise for the train. In addition, he communicates by “sign” saying “more” and “please” (and sometimes “eat”).

And the giggling… Lydia has a beautiful gift of making Tobias giggle. Once she gets him started they feed off of each other and uncontrollable laughter ensues. Oh, the sweet sweet sounds.

This month Tobias attended “Music Class” with Mimi, G-pa, Lydia (and mommy a couple times). He loved hiding under the scarves, clicking the sticks, and chasing after his dancing, jumping, singing sister. For the most part he did quite well, but often would get fussy at noon (his typical lunchtime). Thankfully he was easily distracted with bell playing or parades, or banging on kitchen instruments.

Going along with the whole, “making noise” theme, Tobias loves to pull open the oven drawer and throw (not place) the muffin tins and loaf pans on the tile floor. He will often pull Lydia’s play-pots down (CRASH) and “cook”.

Sometimes his ability to entertain himself amazes me. He will take an oatmeal container or coffee can and put items in and out and in and out and put the lids on and off and on and off.

By far, his favorite toys are balls. It's the first word he says when he wakes up and can spot a ball yards away.

Oh, Tobias, we love you so and enjoy the blessing of watching you grow. May God continue to bless, protect, and guide you as you follow His path for your precious life.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nice (in a very sarcastic sort of way)

July 21, 2009

In the car on the way to Bible Study this morning, Lydia asked, “Mommy, are you going to work today?”
I replied, “No, honey.”
LEW: “Well, I like it when you go to work.”
Mommy: “Why do you like it when I go to work?”
LEW: “Because you bother me.”

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lydie's Life - Summer 2009

What can I say about my Lydie Lew? We have entered a new phase in our lives: the never-ending “Why?” For example, on a stroller-ride doing errands last week she noticed, “Mommy, the sky is so blue.” This observation was followed by the question, “Mommy, why is the sky blue?” Sometimes I’m patient and try to explain how the world works (which is what she is so curious about after all) but when I run out of answers, I simply say, “Because God made it that way” or “Because that’s what mommy said.”

Her command of the English language is broadening by the day. She’s using words like, “partially” “noticed” “realized” “three-quarters” “observation” and “dramatic” appropriately.

Of course, her “Miss independence” stage has amplified over the last month or so. In fact, one day she threw a full-blown tantrum crying hysterically for 45 minutes because I took her pull-up off and she wanted to do it. ARGH!
"Miss Independence" celebrating "Independence Day"

In typical first-born-girl fashion, she commands attention and thrives on directing her agenda. She loves to show off her “tricks” like, “Watch me jump so high!” and “Watch me do a somersault.” (both taught to her by her phys ed teacher grandma, Mimi). She has recently become interested in dancing which at times is precluded by dressing up.

She’ll say, “Watch me shake my hips.”

Lydia also had her first singing debut at the First Fridays event in Downtown Chambersburg. They had “kid karaoke” and after Riley sang “You are my Sunshine”

Lydia stepped to the microphone for “Mary had a Little Lamb.” She was prompted but did a pretty good job. Mark loves how she's holding onto the mic stand like a rock-star. :)

Summer has brought a love for the outdoors.

Multiple times a day she will beg to go outside to play in the pool

or blow bubbles. It’s amazing how she and Tobias can entertain themselves in the sandbox.
Look how she’s so dramatic and intentional (making sure mommy notices) that she’s “sharing” with her brother.

I do get her to sit still on a regular basis to do what she calls, “a craft.” Mark taught her to make and “H” so she’s a bit obsessed with that and circles at the moment but she also continues to love to cut and do stickers, paint, and glue. Of course, when her attention runs out she does things like this:

Blooper, who is an actual doll, has developed quite a personality. If you are around Lydia for any period of time, you are likely to hear stories about Blooper’s adventures. Blooper’s life tends to parallel Lydia’s quite closely, however Bloop also does things like climb into our water glasses at dinner. It’s like an imaginary friend who also happens to be a real doll baby. This little segment began by Lydia telling me about one of Blooper’s outings and developed into a rendition of “Old McDonald had a Farm.” Watch her eyes twinkle when she smiles.

She also loves to hold and touch babies. Since Tobias won’t sit still for that anymore, she loves on her cousins, Rachel & Ally. Too cute.

And I had to add a "hugging" picture of her cousin Gabby.

Through all this activity, Lydia does have her sweet and quiet moments. She loves to have someone read to her. She had grandpapa read “Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush” four times. He has much more patience than I!

While she’s praying she sometimes stops and looks at me and declares, “I’m talking to God!” Her prayers are also getting much more intentional. Instead of saying, “Thank you that mommy and daddy and Toby feel better.” (We prayed for that a lot this winter!) She is coming up with seemingly random but quite appropriate prayers like this one:
“Dear God,
Thank you for each day.
Thank you for the crops. [Lydia and Toby rode along with me on Friday to pick up our weekly crop share.]
Thank you for the Butcher Shoppe.
Thank you for Luke’s party – that we had fun.
Thank you for Rachel’s grandma’s pool. [Rachel is her cousin and we did, in fact, go to her great-grandma’s pool on July 4th.]
Thank you that it’s my birthday tomorrow and we will have fun. [Ok, so she thinks every day should be her birthday. Can’t blame her. What an incredible way to live!]

We love you, sweet Lydia.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tobias 11 month movie