Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Change...

Originally I started this blog to keep family and friends updating on the daily (or more accurately, monthly) happenings of little Lydie Lew. Well, Lydia is going to have to share the spotlight…she’s on her way to being a big sister. We have named our little one in utero, “Cosmo” for no specific reason other than my dad thinks it’s funny. :) Below are two 4D photos and a "profile" from the 20-week ultrasound. My due date hovers between August 5 and 7, but likely I will be having a scheduled C-section on July 29. My doctor gave us a 50-50% chance that this baby will also have IUGR (or “small for gestational age”) in which case they like to get the baby out a little earlier so they can ensure he or she is getting adequate nutrition. If you haven’t noticed, we are not finding out the sex of the baby (primarily due to daddy’s insistence). Once again, a surprise upon delivery! After the ultrasound both Mark and I had a “girl” feeling. Sitting at the dinner table that evening he remarked, “I just felt it in my gut, I’m going to be paying for 2 weddings!” ;) We couldn’t feel more blessed to be chosen to be parents again.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Lydia had a BLAST this Easter. Even though she loves picking things up and putting them in containers, when we put her in Aunt Katy's backyard for her 1st egg hunt she was a little bewildered...

Sunday morning at church she started to get the hang of things. She was very intense/intent about the whole process. I suppose meticulous might describe it. As the other children frantically scooped them up she seemed to calculate every move. This method resulted in her finding a total of 4 eggs. :)

Being silly with Mimi and Mommy at the Easter breakfast. She loves the word and any picture of a "Sun" - Raisin Bran box came through!

By her 3rd egg hunt she finally got it down. It helped that she could take her good ole time - no competition yet!

Awwwww... :)

Our attempts at family portraits.

Motor mouth

At “school” her teachers remarked how she is so small yet has so much to say. In fact, during nap time it takes her a while to settle down. They tell me she has conversations with herself and then when another child coughs or sneezes she remarks, “Bless you.” I’d rather her sleep but at least she’s polite!

Her great-aunt Vickie asked me to write down some of the words that she says (she then used this to make a scrapbook page for an Easter present). Once I got started, I couldn't stop. She literally will attempt to repeat EVERYTHING we say. Just counting the words she knows spontaneously (without prompting), I'm over 50 and increasing each day. She's also putting mini-sentences together like "Open door." and "Yabbit (translated, 'rabbit') sleeping."

Lydia is getting quite proficient at saying her friends' names. Sometimes she'll randomly blurt out, "Owen" or "Luke" or insert another name.
Lydia with her buddies and their respective daddies.

Here she is showing her bud Luke her soon-to-be "big girl" room.

These two are quite the pair. They decided to pretend to slurp soup. Lydie would dip into Luke's bowl every once and a while to get a taste of his. He's so patient with her!

Lydia had a blast at her play-date with Avery.

Finger painting, what fun!

She also experienced cats for the first time - she couldn't get enough! She is currently obsessed with saying, "Meow". I think I hear it 50 times a day.

Lydia with her newest friend, Landon

Of course Guinney is her steadfast companion. Daddy took them for a hike.

We have such fun with our darling little girl. She's into "backing up" and turning around. Here she backed into the cupboard to take a rest like mommy.

Coloring with daddy on St. Patty's day. She uses the word "yellow" to mean the color and "I want to color."

Here she is "yellowing" with chalk.

She's very "into" bubbles. As you can see, she's getting a kick out of playing in the suds in Mimi's sink.

Lydie looking "cool" at Riley's birthday party.

While Mommy and Daddy are away, Lydie will play! Her grandma and grandpa came up to play with her and bought her these yummy cupcakes which Uncle John and Aunt Leslie gave her for dinner (and documented). Priceless.

Playing at Great-ma's

Her current favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She knows most of the words and when she doesn't know them she makes words up to the tune. She'll break into song at any time. When she wakes up in the morning, on car rides, in church... So so sweet!

Great-ma has this cool talking clock that she wears around her neck and Lydie loves to hear the ladies' voice come out of the little box.