Monday, April 30, 2007

Family Photos

My brother just wrote me an email complaining that he isn't in any of the photos that I recently added. So to appease him, I'll add some family photos that all might enjoy...

John & Lydie at our Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner (Can't you tell it's St. Patty's day? They are both really in the spirit... :)

Gpa & Gma

Painting Easter eggs

Got Aunt Leslie's hair (a new favorite thing to grab)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

All 4s

I took this video this morning. She wants to crawl so bad, but just can't get it all together. This is what she does once we put her in this position. She's on the way to mobility!


We attempted to celebrate Mark's sister's birthday with his family, but since she wasn't able to make it, we gathered, ate a great meal, and enjoyed one another's company (and certainly missed those who couldn't join us!).

Cousin Gabby (11 months) and Lydia - the budding musicians

The girls really weren't into posing, but we sure tried!

What? You want us to smile? Nature is way too interesting...

Grandma and her girls - what an armful they are!

On a walk...

Father and son with their dogs showing support for VA Tech

Horray for Spring!

This child absolutely LOVES being outside!

Swinging with daddy in the backyard

Found a turtle on a hike

Now that she's finally found her toes, she can't get enough of them!

She loves listening to and watching her daddy play guitar

Precious snuggles


In March we went to visit my friend, Jen and her fiance' Ryan. We blazed a trail and found a little waterfall. Lydia slept in daddy's arms most of the hike all bundled up in her snowsuit, but woke up for the photo.

We gathered with Mark's former coworkers who are dear friends. Avery is just 3 weeks younger than Lydia.

Doug was showing us how he used to hold his twin daughters (who are now in kindergarden!)

Avery and Lydie playing

I just love it when babies hold hands.

The same weekend, my dad's side of the family visited for a belated baptism party (the snow prevented them from travelling in February). We had a blast!

Lydia couldn't get enough of the "baby" on the screen of her great-aunt Sarah's digital camera.

Great-grandma, Nomi.

And Great-grandpa, Pap.

Lovin' all the attention she's getting from her cousins once-removed. What a fun bunch of girls!


Our Easter baby

who loves Snoopies!

Giving Great-Ma a smootch

4 generations celebrating the saving grace of our Lord in His resurrection!

Our family (minus the canine)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Lydia: 5-6 months

Her 5 month photo

She loves to watch Guinness fetch tennis balls. He often lays right down beside her and is quite tolerant of her grabbing him. Little love licks from Guinney boy.

Daddy's little girl

Or is she mommy's little girl?

A Palm Sunday Family Portrait

Lydia at 6 months - What a happy girl!