Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tobi is one-month old!

Tobias’ nicknames: Toby, Tobi, Tobe, Tobes, Tobe-meister, Toblerone, Buddy boy. We use them all pretty much interchangeably.

Some sweet sibling shots.

When Toby is upset, Lydia will lovingly (but quite firmly) pat him on the chest and say, “It’s ok, buddy boy.”

Mommy & Daddy with Baby Tobi

Tobe-meister's first smile :) That grin makes all of the sleep-deprivation, crying bouts, and poopy diapers worth it. :) Love just gushes from his beam as those eyes light up. :)

I couldn't get Lydia to "pose" but I was successful at catching a kiss!

Touchdown, Giants! Toby & daddy were thrilled to cheer the NY Giants to their first victory of the season

Woo Hoo!

End of summer...

Toby's had lots of snuggles over the past few weeks. So much love. So much to be thankful for!
Aunt Laura and Uncle Nick came to welcome him.

Riley loves Tobias - she is so good with him: she sings to him, kisses him, and gently pats his head. So sweet.

Labor Day was full of picnics and love.
Cousin (once-removed) Julie and Great-Aunt Sarah

Aunt Leslie

Great-Aunt Judy

Tobe chillin'

Mommy & Daddy enjoying the freedom of having all of the "extra hands" around.

Dessert at the Dortenzo's - the toddlers obviously take cupcakes very seriously

A crew of friends - Jude, Cooper, and Toby meet together for the first time. These boys were born within 4 weeks of each other.

Now a visit to Gramma & Gran-papa's!
Reading with Gran-papa & cousin Gabby

Snuggles with Gramma

Aunt "M" has the special touch :)

Lydia is totally into playing “tea party.” We bought her a bunch of plastic food. Her favorite thing is to take the “shopping baskets” and dump all of the food out on the floor. (She’s really testing my OCD tendencies to clean up constantly!) Then she proceeds to put the food on plates and serves whoever will take it. Her favorite dishes to prepare: “salad” and “cereal”

Lydia’s obsession with her baby doll continues. Her G-pa named it “Baby Blooper” as he used to call Lydia the “Bald-headed Blooper” when she was a newborn. She loves to carry “Bloop” around under her arm. It only took about 4 weeks of observing me nursing and Lydia decided to “feed Blooper” by pulling up her shirt and putting Bloopers mouth on her belly button. Quite cute. She also “burps” Blooper by putting her over her shoulder and then forcefully throwing her on the floor. At least she got 1/2 of it! The other day Lydia went upstairs. I called to her from the bottom of the steps asking what she was doing. Her response was “Changing Blooper’s diaper.” She promptly returned downstairs when Blooper was clean. I found the remnants of her imaginary diaper change: a changing pad spread out on her bed (what we do with Lydia), diapers scattered all over her bedroom, and the entire box of wipes strewn all over her bed. That was one costly diaper change – good thing mommy doesn’t have those habits! J She also will not let clothes on Blooper. Last week I convinced Lydia that she and Blooper should both wear pink dresses to church. However, as soon as we came home Blooper’s outfit was ripped off. She’s remained clothes-less ever since. I got out my Cabbage Patch dolls from my youth and she found a bald one and proceeded to take all her clothes off too. At least Lydia keeps her own clothes on.
G-pa holding "Baby Blooper"

G-pa taking requests. Most popular: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" "Jesus Loves Me"

Mimi & Gpa teach her all sorts of fun things, like her parents' names. :) When Lydia wakes up from a nap she usually just plays, sings, & babbles, but when she’s really serious about wanting to be free she screams, “Hey, Liz!”