Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yes, I’ve been absent from the blog world over the past few weeks. Ok, so it has been a month. No excuses. Or maybe I do have some, like this…

And this…

And this…

Certainly loving warm weather, sunshine, water, sand, and even bugs!

We’ve found, at times, (or maybe most of the time), Lydia needs a little bit of motivation to try and complete tasks that are tough for her. For example, this girl has been asking for a Tinkerbell Polly Pocket every single time we go to Target. When I found out how much they are (WHOA!) I quickly headed to eBay and found a whole lot (that included Tinkerbell, of course) for less than $10 – SCORE! We told Lydia that in order for her to get a Polly Pocket she must learn to write her name (which she has been refusing to do for months). After only 2 practice sessions, she did it! Today she sat down with me and wrote her name of every different colored construction paper we have. She is now a proud owner of 6 Polly pockets. And we are proud of our little girl for FINALLY writing her name!

Tobias continues to “ooze character” – his newest development is whispering for dramatic effect. He’s also amazingly effective at bossing adults around (Sit down and read a book, mommy. Toby picks it out. I want… trucks!) but, upon our insistence, uses “Please” and “Thank you” and "Sorry". He is passionate about trucks and trains, particularly stacking them. He also takes them for rides in the stroller. Not sure how many almost-two-year-old boys ask for “tinkabell” and “Preensess”, but our Toby-boy does especially when his sister is parading around with hers. His use of adult names cracks me up too. As soon as his Mimi calls Pop-pop, “Tim”, he’ll say, “Hi, Teeeam”. And Toby no longer walks, he runs. Everywhere.

And what do mommy and daddy do with their spare time?

I had the blessing and opportunity to sing and play my flute at a friend’s wedding - my first solo gig. It was a beautiful celebration of God’s gift of love and awesome to praise Him through music there with my dad and Patti. Here are Mark and I fooling around at the reception.

I also just completed a Portrait Photography course through Hagerstown Community College. 3 words describe my exprience: Challenged. Inspired. Encouraged. Here are a couple photos that I took for my “assignment” which got rave reviews from my professor.

Mark couldn’t be happier to be on break from his MBA courses. Through a “God-thing”, he was introduced to an adult swimming course at the YMCA which he has been attending faithfully at 6am three times a week. I’d say through this he is also challenged, inspired, and encouraged. He’s delving into his bike-riding hobby weekly through the Summit Health Bike Club which rides from all over Franklin County. Mowing the lawn, attempting to sell his motorcycle, and working on the front porch are a few of his time-consuming, yet not quite as enjoyable “summer break” tasks. And yes, it will come to an end in a few short weeks when he starts his “Information Systems” course…

So we're loving summer. Even though it's not "officially" here yet, it sure is for us! Hope all who read this are being blessed by the summer change-of-pace and outdoor opportunities. Enjoy! :)