Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today I'm not getting philosophical or even reflective. I'm just plain pooped.

The assignment: "Today I want you to take a crisp photo of your loved ones eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, to try to truly capture your loved one’s eyes today."

The instruction included having them face toward a window. My children were less than cooperative, but I managed to sneak out these 2 shots of them. It's remarkable to me how they actually look alike here (which I don't think they do in "real life" at all!)

Our instructor went on to note that she finds the best lighting to be in a doorway or covered porch. I never ever would have thought of this on my own, but accepted the challenge. This afternoon I attempted both.

Lydia in the doorway.

Kids on the front porch.

Simply love these eyes and the little souls behind them. :)


Annisa said...

WOW!!! Your kids have GORGEOUS eyes and you captured them beautifully! I love every single one of your shots. I bow down to you, Liz! ;)

melanie said...

the one with lydie and the lamb (lamb?) is especially fantastic. love!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, girls! Appreciating your comments, feedback, and encouragement. It's been a fun adventure - can't believe it's half over!

The Dortenzos said...

THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS LIZ!!! And I agree with Mel--that one in particular is awesome!