Friday, June 1, 2007


The more mobile they get, the tougher it is to capture them. It's so cute to see their little personalities come out as they grow.

Lydie saying "Enough, boys!"

This is typical of the three of them: Luke - on the move. Owen - something in his mouth. Lydia - overseeing the action.

Luke pushing Lydia in the swing.

Maeve, Owen, and Lydia

8 months

Here are some photos from the past month or so. Hope you enjoy!

Four generations at the "Mothers and Others" banquet. Babe and I won prizes: hers for the "oldest mother" and mine for the "youngest mother."

This child can not get enough of Polish pottery. Our generous friends at McKesson House gave her this puppy which is just the right size to stuff into her mouth. She loves it!

Silly Uncle John put her in the trifle dish. She's certainly sweet enough to be dessert!

Lydie's 7 month photo. I think she looks so cute when she puts her hands on her legs like that and shrugs her shoulders.

Our family Memorial Day weekend.

Swimming with daddy for the first time (and certainly not the last!)

Still loving the changing table (a lot more than her parents do!)

Enthralled with Meagan's cross.

Insert foot in mouth...