Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Hit...

Oh, yes, the “terrible twos” have “hit” the Willson household once again. I know, Tobias isn’t 2 yet, but his actions and attitude tell us differently. He’s certainly making his desires known. Loudly. For example, when we enter a place where he knows mommy is going to leave him, he lunges for the opposite direction and cries at the top of his lungs, “I want dat bay” (I want that way!!!). In the same manner if he desires something, and his desires are pretty darn strong, he’ll cry, “I want dat bun” (I want that one!). He’s also discovered the wonderful (insert sarcasm) word, “mine”. What started out as a chorus of two has developed into Lydia responding, “No, Toby, it’s not yours. It’s God’s. Everything is God’s.” Sometimes she goes into a dissertation about how God and Jesus made everything in the whole world, followed by naming items she sees and declaring them God’s handiwork. :) As trying as this stage is, Toby can also be incredibly cute…

His curiosity and desire to learn words blows me away. Reading a book to him is a tedious task as he points to every single thing on the page and inquires, “What’s at?” “What’s at?” And when we’ve gone through all the items, we go back and do them again and again. We often hear exclamations of, “Look!!!” or "See!?!?!" followed by enthusiastic naming of whatever object he spies (typically birdies or trucks). What a cute kid.

His inquisitive nature leads him to respond to statements with the question, “What?” For example, as we are driving to school we pass a fire station. I comment, “The firetrucks aren’t out today.” His response, “What.?!” I’m pretty sure he means, “Why?” so I explain it that way. Silly kid.

Toby is also quite the little “helper”. Today I was about to vacuum and he said, “I wanna ba-koom” so I got his little play one and he went right alongside me mimicking my actions. I then got a wipe out and he said, “I wanna keen (clean) up” so I handed him a baby wipe and put him to work.

My girlfriend Jen describes Toby as, “oozing with character”. Right on, Jen.

Lydia had her theatrical debut starring as a “turtle” in her preschool spring program. Her favorite part was undoubtably bowing (followed by the cookies after the program). So cute to see these little people come into their own.

Lydia loves to take charge. When she gets an idea of how something should be done, she let's everyone in earshot know. Here she is bossing, I mean, playing with her friend, Luke. He takes it well, he has a big sis. :)

Over the past few days she has decided that she is having a “party for God”. She has a location, an ever-growing guest list, menu, and sat me down with her calendar this morning to pick a date. Just an example of how her little mind works…

Of course, there are those times when my children play TOGETHER - sometimes peacefully, sometimes not-so-peacefully. The peaceful moments are so very sweet...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Christ the Lord is Risen Today...


Our Holy Week celebration began at Falling Spring Presbyterian's child's "Walk through Holy Week." Church members, parents, and volunteers reenacted the story of the Passion in a simple, yet vivid manner including story, song, actions, interactions, drama, and props.
Before and after the walk they had egg dying, crafts, and cookie decorating.

Definitely not winning "mom of the year" for this shot: my son, standing on a chair with a knife in his hand. ;)

Tobes decorating

Coop chowing down (this kid loves my camera ;)

"Jesus" (in the red cape) entering Jerusalem on a donkey with the palm branches waving!

Partaking in the Last Supper

The "disciples" in the garden of Gethsemene (I missed them pretending to sleep)

The "walk" ended with an egg hunt symbolizing the new life we celebrate in Christ's resurrection
This was Toby's first time hunting eggs solo!

This is "old hat" for Lydie lew. She has a blast!

Then came Lydia's preschool Easter celebration.
It started out with dying eggs. (Measuring, pouring, counting, stirring... and getting messy in the process)

Mimi & Gpa helped out with the games (and Tobias)

Tons of fun and a gorgeous day!

Little bunny foo foo

Ended with an egg hunt

Annual Good Friday Easter egg painting at the G's

(Yes, they are painting with kebab skewers - an upgrade from previous years' toothpicks)

The masterpieces

An attempt at cousins pics

The individuals worked out much better

We had to put Toby in a flower pot to contain him. ;)

Easter morning
Me and my PJed kiddos

You got it, Lydia, REJOICE!

Easter breakfast at church
Tobes decides to chow down on some crayons at the craft table

Yes, it's a little strange, but we hunt eggs in the graveyard

Lydia was done hunting for eggs and moved on to picking flowers

Final egg hunt of the year at Mimi and Pop-pop's

A perfect day for twirling. :)

"Christ is risen, Indeed!"