Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Ally

We rejoice and thank the Lord, for our niece, Alexandra, was born this week. She has a heart defect and has already had one surgery. Another is planned in the next couple of days. Please pray for her, her parents, and our family. God has created this precious little life and we are confident He will continue to fulfill His perfect plans for her.

Toby's first few weeks

We are gradually adjusting to being a family of four. Mommy is exhausted. Happy but tired and still healing from surgery. Lydia LOVES her baby brother. Often the first thing out of her mouth in the morning is, "Hold Tobi!" She showers him with kisses and gently strokes his head. Of course, she doesn't appreciate the attention that he takes away from her and the disruption in her previously very organized life. Yet, overall, she's adapting quite well. We're getting into a groove. We just wish daddy could be home with us all the time - weekends are a welcome treat! I've been blessed with lots of help from family and friends which has certainly eased my stress during this time. I thank God for each of you and your love, sacrifice, and dedication!
Quite exuberant about the kisses

Tobias is a relatively "regular" baby for an infant - pretty predictable in his cycle of eating, sleeping, pooping, and crying. He has a fussy period in the evening, but is pretty easy to calm. He's eating like a champ and already up to 9 lb. 2 oz. at 3 weeks (when he left the hospital he was 7 lb. 2 oz, at one week he was 8 lb. 2 oz.) He's also pleasantly awake a little more which has been fun. We haven't figured out who he looks like... Any guesses? The most common choice is "Uncle John" - we'll see who he resembles as he grows.
Here I think he looks like Lydia as an infant. Tobias at one week...

Lydia at one week...

Our little bundle - these are sweet, sweet times...

I grew this zucchini before Tobias was born and couldn't resist comparing their sizes.

Tobi's friend Cooper was born one week after he was. I was blessed to hold him in the hospital - here I am with his lovely mommy, Melanie.

Poor Cooper had a bit of a rough start - hospitalized with pneumonia just days after birth. He and Tobias finally met this week.

Mommy's 29th birthday. Of course, we celebrated with ice cream. This is the first time we got Lydia her own cone and she was ecstatic.


Tobi's first bath. Lydia "helped" by "washing" his feet (pouring water over them). Mark got him out of the tub while Lydia was still in. Tobias was all wrapped up in his towel on the bath mat when from above he was doused with water on his face. Lydia obviously thought he wasn't quite clean yet. :) He barely flinched and didn't even cry - he's going to be a patient, flexible little bro.

Hanging out on mommy & daddy's bed yesterday.


I didn't get a chance to get these photos up prior to Tobi's birth, but I still wanted to share them. Enjoy!

Lydia loved "playing" with little Landon's bouncer.

"Nana" introduces Lydie to the alpaca - she loves animals so this was a special treat!

These two are a riot together - it's like follow the leader. I love the looks on their faces.

In between bites of ice from the cooler, Lydia handed out beer. Elliot was the appreciative recipient. :)

I couldn't get Lydia to smile or look at the camera so her daddy posed with her.

Lydia enjoys helping to bake for obvious reasons :)

Daddy came home to his entire family chilling on the family room floor the day before Tobias was born.

Mommy gets a special hug... As Lydia would say, "Baby's coming out soon!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome Tobias!

It has taken me a couple weeks, but I'm finally getting caught up on blogging...

Tobias Alexander was born exactly 2 weeks ago safely and smoothly - praise God! I felt such a peace and joy through the process and am confident that the countless prayers were heard and answered. The Lord's goodness and faithfulness abounds! In fact, "Tobias" means, "God is good." This is most certainly true - AMEN! We are ever-appreciative of the family and friends, church members and loved-ones who have lifted us up in prayer and provided for our needs, sent us gifts and words of encouragement, and lightened our stress during this time of transition.

The adjustment to being a family of 4 is certainly still in process. My attitude toward mothering and caring for an infant has been boosted by the experience with Lydia. Not to say that life with Tobi is a "piece of cake", but the Lord has again provided strength and wisdom, patience and perspective for each day.

Lydia loves her baby brother. At times her attempts to "help" are a bit over-zealous as she does not quite comprehend his fragility and inability to fend for himself (although I'm pretty sure he'll gain this skill quite quickly ;) Case in point: she wanted him to "read" the other day so she put a book on his head. The second day he was home the first thing she said to me in the morning was, "See baby Tobi?" Honestly, her adjustment has been one of the biggest challenges for her parents. As an almost-2-year old she is testing her boundaries and independence which leaves us frazzled and frustrated at times. Overall, she is a darling child. In fact, the other day she shocked me by singing the entire song - every word - of "Jesus loves me." I find it ironic that this development coincided with her brother coming home. I remember singing that to her through tears in her newborn days.

"The LORD has done great things for us; We are glad." Psalm 126:3