Friday, December 7, 2007

Birthdays & Winter

She LOVES to blow out candles or anything resembles fire. In addition to candles, she "blows out" the fire in the fireplace & any Christmas light (mantle, tree, etc.)

Playing "bal" or other times pronounced "ball-puh" with Uncle John

Showing off her kazoo skills. Getting such a kick out of herself!

An attempt at a family photo with little cooperation from the toddler. :)

In awe of our first real snow!

All bundled up for a photo shoot.

Lydia "helping" to put up the Christmas lights.

She now loves her "lang let" otherwise known as a blanket. Sleepy girl...

Celebrating Great-ma's 90th birthday with balloons!

What fun, right mommy?

You know she's sick when she prefers to be still on the floor rather than play with the toys I set out. It's so pathetic when they don't feel well. Poor baby...

"Why am I in here and he/she's out/in there?" -Lydia & Guinness

Oh, Baby!

Of course, in this video clip, the exclamation is prompted. It's even
more funny when she does it spontaneously. We're never sure what she'll
come out with next. Currently, she loves to say "alright", "no", "e-i"
(as a precursor to e-i-e-i-o). And variations of "a, b, c".