Friday, February 11, 2011


Today we were challenged to: "What does your loved one dream of accomplishing or doing? Take a photo that pays homage to this dream."

My kids are 4, 2, and yet to be born, so while they may have "dreams" (Lydia's is definitely to go to Disney World), they seem to fluctuate with the passing fads. My husband's, on the other hand, are pretty solidified. Mark wants to own a "racing car" (as he tells Toby).

Now, Mark has owned his fair share of vehicles. In fact, we like to tease that every time I have a baby, he purchases a "baby" of his own. At one point we owned 2 Subarus, a Chevy pickup truck, and 2 motorcycles. Yes, a bit ridiculous. Our garage has now slimmed down to simply Mark's 1st car, a Subaru Imprezza, and our "family vehicle", a Chevy Traverse. Oh, and lots of bicycles, but they get great gas mileage so they are a-ok with me. ;)

What hasn't changed during this revolving door of motorized wheeled machines, is Mark's undying passion to own a sports car. He dreams of what kind he will get and when he will get it. He dreams of where he will drive and who he will take with him. For now, he satisfies these cravings with an abundance of monthly reading material on the subject. He subscribes to at least three (maybe four now!) car magazines. As soon as they hit our mailbox they are devoured. He memorizes statistics which blows my mind as sometimes I have to remind him to take the garbage out. Seriously, he can tell you the horse-power, torque, size wheels.. on pretty much any make and model car. Amazes me every time. This "dream" is one from childhood (so I suppose I shouldn't dismiss those of my little ones) when he used to play games guessing cars by their headlights alone, which he can proudly still do, of course.

Here is where his dream resides, at this point, in stacks of car magazines and in his ever-expanding knowledge of cars.

By the way, if you want to provide immense satisfaction to this man, please consult him prior to purchasing a car. He LOVES to give car advice and search for the "just right" car for you. If you want to make his year, actually purchase one of the cars he suggests - it puts him over-the-top with happiness. A great example of how a little love grows when shared with others...

[Details of this photo: taken in our basement with essentially no natural light. Overhead florescent lighting, 2 table lamps with light bulbs. You know, thought I'd give myself a challenge. Not thrilled with some of the glare on the magazines, but like how the magazine titles are all in focus.]