Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the joy of love

So you MAY be seeing an increase in blog entries from me in the next month... I've started a free month-long online photo course and hope to share some of the shots on here. Check it out and join me! And let me know if you are doing this too.


Today's assignment was to capture "what they do". After realizing it was a "snow day" and thinking, "I have all morning to take photos", I got called into work and suddenly only had 15 min. to finish up a craft, get everyone dressed, and get out the door. Oh, yeah, and complete my photo assignment. Yikes!

The photo tutorial was on using window lighting in our homes as well as getting "catch lights" in the eyes. My home does not have any gloriously large windows and I was shooting at 8:30am (not the optimal time for window lighting), plus I can't say my subject was the most "cooperative", but I worked with what I have and that's the challenge and fun of a course like this! I definitely had to jack up the ISO (as the instructor did) and use a huge aperture. Most of these are not or very minimally edited due to, well, let's just say "time constraints". ;)

A new favorite thing of Toby's to "do": snipping.

One of Toby's primary occupations: drinking.

What they "do"? He does a lot of potty time. :)

Love the contrast of his shirt declaring that he's "rough and tough" while sporting gorgeous blue headbands. This one is a little over-exposed...


melanie said...

fun!! i will enjoy looking at your photo posts :-)

Annisa said...

Great photos, Liz! Love the cutting one! I'm doing the Joy Of Love class, too. Just blogged my first day - whew! I'm a bit nervous about it as I know I'm not nearly as experienced as so many others, but at least I'll learn something along the way.

Hope to see you soon!

Jules said...

love it! toby does alot during the day doesn't he! LOL