Sunday, February 8, 2009


Here are a couple video clips: Tobias being a 6 month old and Lydia singing. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tobias is 6 months old

I can hardly believe that my little Tobias is 1/2 year old already! He’s becoming quite the character.

Here are some of his favorites:
• Reaching out for anything and everything he can get his hands on like grabbing at plates during dinnertime (it’s quite a challenge to eat with him on your lap). He particularly enjoys my Polish pottery and will drop any toy for it. He definitely has figured out that he has the capability to change the position of objects: throwing toys on the floor, pushing them aside, pulling them toward himself (see below for his goal here).
• Putting anything and everything in his mouth. He has a particular preference for paper. He has now developed an affinity for his left thumb to soothe himself.

• Sitting up!

He has such a better vantage point from this position which he has come to thoroughly enjoy. He is much more observant of the world around him. For example he followed the dog all around the room the other day, just staring at him in wonder.
Ok, so this isn't of him sitting up, but it's such a cute shot of him and Guinness.

• Watching his sister. She will enthusiastically jump up and down and make him smile. She also overzealously "hugs" him or jumps on his back as he's on his tummy and even though I’m a nervous wreck, he seems to enjoy it. Overall, she makes him smile and she smiles entertaining him. It’s so precious to me when she kisses his fuzzy head.

Whatcha up to, sis?

Daddy dressed the kids this day - aren't they cute in their bibs? (The ones Toby is in were his uncle John's. Lydia's are Riley's)

Giddy up, Tobias!

Watching the Super Bowl - "Here we go, Steelers!"

• Standing. This kid loves to be upright. He loves standing to play and gets so engrossed that he “forgets” he’s tired and all of a sudden will collapse all the while trying to reach what he was previously playing with.
Don't try to cradle this kid in your arms. He must be UP!

• Eating. Unlike Lydia, he will eat pretty much anything we put into his mouth. Sometimes he’ll wrinkle his nose, but chomps it down anyway. At his 6 month doctor’s visit he weighed 15 lb. 14 oz. He’s becoming quite an efficient nurser. Honestly, I’m beginning to miss those snuggly times. For him it means more time to PLAY!
• Sticking out his tongue. Followed by drooling. Later in life this will be considered rude, but right now it’s just doggone cute.

• His toes. Whether he’s on his back or sitting up, he grabs right for those toes. He’s very intent about it then ends up with a smile.

• Making noise. And yes, he has expanded his repitoire from simply screaming & crying (although he still does a decent amount of this). He makes “rah rah” and “nah” “talking” noises, but also squeals, giggles, gasps, coughs. When he’s frustrated, tired, or generally displeased but not enough to cry he says, “Yah, Yah, Yah.”

When we've been out and about lately, people have noticed Toby's smile. I have to say, his smile can light up a room and certainly lights up our lives. "Thank you, Lord, for your light in Tobias' life."