Monday, February 7, 2011

Who they Love

No, I haven't given up on the "Joy of Love", just took a couple days off.

Saturday's assignment was "love to hate". We were in DC all day: National History Museum in celebration of Lydia's accomplishment of writing her letters and then celebrating Mark's sister's birthday in Rockville. It was a perfect day. Honestly, nothing I "hated" about it. ;) What I was planning on photographing was my dear 4-year-old's pacifiers. Yes, she still sucks/chews on them when she sleeps. I hate that I can't get rid of them. Yet, I love what it reminds me of... my baby girl. She will always be.

Yesterday was "who they love". I wanted to capture the kids with their daddy. Not only because they love him, but they love what he loves. You see, Mark has a slight obsession with the New York Giants. They are "his" team. And my children have, in their short lives, without force, adopted this love for this football team. When his daddy walks in the door at lunch, sometimes Tobias will randomly say, "Go Giants, daddy!" which is to say "I'm totally cheering YOU on!" They love their very own Giants hats and don them with pride, parading around the house. When we drive by the high school football field, Toby will say, "Daddy, the Giants are not out today." And when he sees a football player on TV will exclaim, "Daddy, the Giants win!" again to say, "Daddy, YOUR team, OUR team, WE won! WE are winners!" My kids love the Giants because they are a part of their daddy. They love their daddy and love his loves.

We were in a rush, late for a super bowl party on the way out of the house. We all wore our Giants garb. Completely aware that the Giants were not playing in the super bowl. (Ok, so we're in a little denial, but it's a fun denial ;) Anyway, the lighting was horrible. Of course everyone had to wear their hats creating serious face shadows. It was going on 5pm and light was waning. I had to jack up the ISO which, on my camera means "noise". I was going to ditch this photo, but then opted to use an action that incorporated noise and came up with this.

At the Super Bowl party I broke out my flash. Tried to bounce it off the wall, but got a reflection off the window, so bounced it off the ceiling and got this one. Daddy and his boy. Loving football together.

Today's assignment was "generations" - capturing the love throughout generations. It was perfect timing as tonight is our family dinner at my parents. Unfortunately I'll have to postpone my ideas for today as I received a call from my dad this afternoon that dinner was cancelled. My mom has pneumonia. These infections going around are serious stuff. Hoping and praying the ladies in the generations sandwiching me (my mommy and my daughter) are back to health and wholeness soon!


melanie said...

the first shot -- the one with the "noise" -- made me teary! such love in those faces!! i am loving watching both you and annisa work through this project!