Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, yes, this is VERY tardy - You'll see why, read on...

Easter was such a blessed time. We did our traditional Good Friday Easter egg painting which Lydia obviously was very focused on,

and then incredibly proud of.

We had fun with the newest member of our family, Rachel Isabelle. She slept the whole time in typical newborn style, so “daddy” (yes, my brother is a DAD!) and Uncle Mark had fun during her slumber.

Take notice of the green food coloring on her lap.

Ta Da!

Lydia had a blast hunting for her Easter basket.
Getting ready to search.

She found mommy's (filled with coffee and tea from my loving husband) first


Toby enjoying Lydia's DVD.

Eggs at church (aren’t the two little boys helping her the sweetest?!)

This is the extent of Toby’s hunt…

Toby loved standing on G-pa's lap during Easter Breakfast

And eggs and Mimi & Gpa’s. In fact, Lydia coerced Mimi into hiding the eggs again after she found them all the first time.

Unfortunately there existed a stark contrast between the joy and celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and the week to follow in the Willson household. As I was putting Tobias to bed on Easter evening I started feeling sick on my stomach. That began 3 days of aches, chills, fever, and bathroom running followed by 3 more days of bathroom running and little solid food intake for mommy. Lydia actually started on Friday and threw up for the last time Tuesday. Of course, daddy took his turn too and Tobias, thankfully, just got a minor version of this terrible terrible stomach flu. My poor mother got it too so our help was limited. I truly think it was the worst week on record for the Willson family. Yet, I’m grateful it occurred in shifts, I’m grateful that it ended, I’m so grateful for daily bread, the Lord’s healing power, and His almighty provision. During this process Lydia coined a new verb. As I was feeding her breakfast she heard daddy rustling upstairs. She innocently asked, “Mommy, is daddy throw-uping?”

Here's our Happy Family - my bro took these photos for us.

And here are some of my attempts at a "formal" shot. Didn't quite work out so hot. I'm glad I've had more success with other people's kids! The extra hands are key. :)

This captures how most of the sessions (yes, I tried multiple times) went.

Praise God for His indescribable gift in our Lord Jesus who overcame death and the grave so that we may have life eternal. AMEN!