Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tobias is 9 months old!

Yes, I'm this BIG!


Look at those cheeks and those eyelashes!

Whew! What a month we’ve had! The Willson household, Tobias included, has certainly experienced a rollercoaster ride this month…

Right before Easter, Tobias came down with yet another terrible cold. I am confident, Mark concurs, that Toby’s physical development has been impacted by the amount of time he has spent with some illness or another these past few months. Weeks have gone by where he has been unable and/or unwilling to “play” setting him back a little. I thought for sure by now I could report, “He’s crawling!” but not yet… Now, don’t get me wrong, Tobias does move. He rolls, gets up on all 4’s, rocks, and even lifts one hand up. He effortlessly squirms around in a circle and moves backward quite well (often ending up “stuck” under some piece of furniture.) Here under the sofa.

His method for reaching a toy includes stretching himself out as far as possible. If he is unable to get to the toy, he’s often satisfied playing with the rug underneath him, watching the dog, or waiting for Lydia to deliver another option for entertainment. That’s where his personality comes in – the “drive” to get to stuff just isn’t that strong. He’s typically content with whatever is in his immediate vicinity. Soon enough, he’ll learn.

I’ve come to the realization that I just don’t have “moving” babies, I have “talkers”. Tobias is exploding with vocalizations which, of course, we find adorable. He’s getting his “motor running” doing “zerburts” on different pitches and with various intensity. Mark noticed his “oh, this is so cool, I found something new!” noise is “teh teh” in almost a whisper. And his variations of the letter “D” are remarkable – he’s found every possible way to make that sound. Of course “Da, Dee” loves it! He’s also combining sounds like “Nah Lah” or “Bah Dah” and even put an end consonant on: "Dat". He makes this hilarious giggling/fake laughing sound. We captured it on camera. It’s a riot when he does it spontaneously.
This video was taken 3 weeks ago. His vocabulary & volume has increased since then...

Tobias’ 1sts this month:
• Riding on a train. We met up with Gramma, Aunt M, and cousin Gabby for a Metro ride to downtown DC for the cherry blossoms. We enjoyed the blustery day along with hundreds of thousands of others. Tobias was a trooper. He fell asleep in the pack minutes after this photo was taken.

• Falling on his head. In attempts at taking some “formal” Easter photos, Lydia decided she was done holding Tobias and off her lap and onto the concrete floor he went. He cried for at least ½ a day. Poor thing. The first bump, but I’m sure not the last.
• Becoming a “big” cousin. Tobe’s baby cousin, Rachel, was born at the end of March. He is fascinated by her, trying to hold her hands at every opportunity. He’s not the “baby” anymore…

• A tooth! Of all the milestones this must be the most unpleasant one (for him and us!) What a miserable time for poor Tobias. He had just about every “symptom” that goes along with the process. A start to another 2 or so years of teething.
• Swimming. When we first put Tobias in the little raft during “splashtime” at the Y, he was less than thrilled. With a little distraction he settled down and really settled into his raft. He would lean back and lounge surrounded by toys alternating stuffing them in his mouth.

Toby’s favorites:
• Eating. Anything. A new preference: Fruity Cheerios.

• Sitting and playing with the Fisher Price houses and/or emptying containers (Lydia’s play food baskets, Tupperware with blocks, baskets with balls and trains…)

• Standing to play. Sometimes when I attempt to sit him down to play he straightens his legs out as if to say, “Hey, I want to stand, woman!” He is getting adventurous in standing and even letting go with one hand and attempting to bend down to get toys he drops.

• Wake-up time: 6:00am (give or take 10 minutes)
• Sleeping position: On his back with his hands behind his head, elbows out to the side and legs bent with knees out to the side (like a frog). So cute!
• Light switches, cabinet knobs, door handles. He lunges out of my arms in pursuit of these items.
• Being in close proximity to mommy. He just started a little separation/stranger anxiety. This phase is tough on mommy.
Happy as a little clam on mommy's hip.

• Being outdoors. When he gets fussy after or before a nap, the fresh air is a wonderful distraction. He is so content to just sit on a blanket or in the grass with a fistful of Cheerios or a bucket of toys.

My baby is now 3/4 of a year old. Oh, man, is this going fast! The joys outweigh the challenges, the blessings abound for which we are grateful, Lord!