Monday, March 2, 2009

Tobias is 7 months old

A day in the life of Toby A...


Hanging out on mommy's bed with his big sis while mommy gets ready for the day. Lydia brings a huge smile to his face every time. :) Even when I must wake him from his slumber to get in the car to take her to school and he's fussing at me for doing so, as soon as he sees her as I buckle him in his car seat, he grins from ear-to-ear.

Playing with friends and family.
In the past couple days he has been held by quite a few strangers. At first he'll look at me for confirmation that this person is "ok", then he proceeds to investigate them by touching their face, glasses, hair (anything he can get ahold of). It's really adorable. The most common descriptor we get for him is, "little man." I think it's his big eyes and bald head. :)

Eating. He has started to make this fake burping noise, particularly when he knows he's supposed to burp (when I sit him up after nursing). Sometimes it comes out like a growl, but at times it's in short bursts just like a burp. He also bangs his hands on the highchair tray. Yes, the Willson household is getting noisier!

Sucking his left thumb when he gets sleepy.

More playing. Mommy & Daddy the OTs kind of put him through torture at times. He can't yet get himself into this position, but he can now hold it when we put him there. He also LOVES to rock - rock himself forward & back in sitting. Sometimes I'm afraid our little head-banger is actually going to hit his noggin, but so far he's just enjoying rocking and rolling!

More eating. He really loves to attempt to feed himself. We've given him the ends of bread, pancakes (gotta celebrate Shrove Tuesday!), puffs (doesn't like the consistency of these), banana (the one fruit he makes faces at). He's enthralled with his whole new world. :)

Lots of smiling

Oh, yeah, and he does a whole lot of sleeping with nursing interspersed in there too.

As he grows and develops we learn his ways, his preferences, and when he's had enough. The blessing of this adventure surpasses words. Simply, we love him more every day.