Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our 22 month old

It's amazing what Lydia will come up with...

Lydia is insistent on saying "bray-hers" (prayers) before she eats anything. If we are still assembling the meal she'll sit in her chair with her arms extended to hold hands and repeat, "say prayers, mommy". She bows her head while clasping hands and then says "Amen" before she's given her food. We also pray for people before she goes to bed. I'll say, "Who do you want to pray for, Lydia?" Her response is always initially, "Daddy, Guinney." Often after we pray for them she'll repeat, "I pray daddy." Some other frequent requests are "pray God" "pray Jesus" and then any one of her family members or friends, usually the ones we've seen that day. One time she asked to "pray animals." What a true sweetheart. I am in awe of the depth of interest and understanding she has regarding her relationship with the Lord - what a blessing.

Here's a set of video clips of our "Boogles". As you can tell her attention span for this type of activity is pretty limited. Actually, her motivation is to "see Lydia" - she likes to watch herself on the camera replay.

Coming out soon

Profile at 36 weeks. Understandably I am larger now (38 & a couple days)...

Lydia has known for a while that there's a "baby in there." (when referring to mommy's belly), however recently we started telling her that the baby is "coming out soon." Yesterday morning when I entered her room upon her awakening the first thing she said as she smiled behind her pacifier was, "Baby coming out soon." Whether she realizes what's about to occur (doubtful) or not, she certainly senses that something is about to change. In the past week she has become obsessed with a baby doll that she received for her first birthday and hadn't really played with since. She carries the baby around under her arm, attempts to diaper it, put her hand in the snack cup for some Goldfish crackers, & give it a pacifier (she even gave my belly a pacifier the other day.) She finally came to the realization that her former room is now "baby Cosmo's". Lydia has also become much more "clingy" - for a child that has never been a "cuddler" this is quite a change. She'll often want to be held and says repeatedly "Hug you." Sweet sweet moments I am certainly cherishing. Tuesday will definitely rock her world, but I'm confident she will be a marvelous big sister. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Summertime Fun

I've decided to write my journal on the computer so I'm going to cut and paste some little stories from it interspersed with photos from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

As mommy's belly expands, this is the way our bedtime stories look.

"Sprinkles" - little mini-baby showers, one week we had 3! Here are a few photos from them...
Melanie and I are due less than 2 weeks apart. It's been a blessing to share this miracle and adventure (pregnancy with a toddler) with her.

PlayGroup Girls - my sweet, sweet friends.

Some family shots

Lydia is slightly obsessed with pushing her stroller around. She will take anyone who will go with her on a tour of the neighborhood walking up and down our street pushing various items in her stroller. I found her taking a rest from her strolling - what better place than in her play stroller with a good book!?!

Cousins enjoying the playset daddy designed and built from scratch. We can't wait to meet the newest cousin in August!

Gabby helped Uncle Mark and Lydia with her chore of feeding Guinney. Look how proud they look!

No matter what time of day she awakens, we are typically greeted by, “I had good nap.” Here's daddy taking his own nap in Cosmo's glider. I think he's getting prepared - maybe this is the male version of "nesting." ;)

Jen & Ryan came to visit. We were lounging outside and Mark had filled the baby pool with water for the dogs. Lydia decided she wasn’t satisfied with just splashing in the water, she stepped over the edge and sat right down. Of course, we all got a kick out of this, a fully clothed toddler enjoying her afternoon in the pool. So, she decided to entertain. She splashed vigorously and repeated, “Lydia’s funny!” She sure is!

Despite her ability to name the dogs within about 5 repititions, she insisted on calling Jen “Ryan” and Ryan, “Jen”. By the end of the day we finally had her convinced otherwise.

On July 4th, despite the soggy day, we decided to brave the elements and stick to our original plan of taking a hike/walk in the mountains. Unable to find an open pavilion, we returned to Mimi & Gpa’s house to eat our picnic. Lydie was in an antique high chair and after eating about 4 grapes began to squirm. The rest of us continued with our sloppy joe’s & chips when we looked over to Lydia, wide-eyed and red faced (a sure sign of what was to come…), she uttered, “I have stinky butt.” “I’m pooping.” And low and behold she was. What impeccable timing. :) She repeated this proclamation a couple days later… at church.
We went to Hagerstown Park to hear G-pa play his annual solo. She had fun with the ducks and fishies and experienced her first fireflies! Now she'll randomly come out with "G-pas fuh-loot"

We just completed our marathon yard sale. Whew! Mommy is exhausted for sure, but it's so nice to have a clean basement that we can actually walk into! Lydia was quite the little saleswoman. She would take things off the tables and try to hand them to the "customers" saying, "Want it?" She also loved this brightly colored bikini (I told her her father will never let her wear something like that). We got a kick out of how she decided to wear it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Playing Piano

I snuck up on Lydie playing the piano and singing. I love how she periodically stops and turns the pages of the hymnal.

"I Luh Doo"

These videos were taken in the past couple months. She does spontaneously say it, but it's certainly easier to catch on video prompted (her repeating EVERYTHING we say certainly comes in handy in these instances :)