Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coming out soon

Profile at 36 weeks. Understandably I am larger now (38 & a couple days)...

Lydia has known for a while that there's a "baby in there." (when referring to mommy's belly), however recently we started telling her that the baby is "coming out soon." Yesterday morning when I entered her room upon her awakening the first thing she said as she smiled behind her pacifier was, "Baby coming out soon." Whether she realizes what's about to occur (doubtful) or not, she certainly senses that something is about to change. In the past week she has become obsessed with a baby doll that she received for her first birthday and hadn't really played with since. She carries the baby around under her arm, attempts to diaper it, put her hand in the snack cup for some Goldfish crackers, & give it a pacifier (she even gave my belly a pacifier the other day.) She finally came to the realization that her former room is now "baby Cosmo's". Lydia has also become much more "clingy" - for a child that has never been a "cuddler" this is quite a change. She'll often want to be held and says repeatedly "Hug you." Sweet sweet moments I am certainly cherishing. Tuesday will definitely rock her world, but I'm confident she will be a marvelous big sister. :)