Monday, November 26, 2007

First Steps

Yesterday Lydie took some continuous steps for the first time (previously it was only one at a time.) Here we go!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Lydie wanted to help prepare the Thanksgiving feast...

Chilling with Cheyenne (her cousin once-removed)

Lydie and Julie (another cousin of mine)

Visiting with her Gotwald great-grandparents

Great-aunt Sarah, a science teacher, is instructing Lydia about genetics via fingerprints, hair samples, and ear lobes. So much to learn!

G-ma took Lydie for a walk outside and they found a leaf.

Daddeee finally made it (he missed dinner because he was working) so they spent some quality time watching football...

Lydie is totally into the "touchdown" sign. Without prompting when she sees football on TV she automatically goes into "touchdown" mode.

Showing her cousin-once-removed Natty a football and of course telling him all about it. She's such a chatterbox!

An attempt at a family portrait

We sure do love our Lydie!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Going for a stroll...

Here's a little video of Lydie truckin' down the sidewalk pushing her
little bus that a friend at playgroup gave her to use. She loves it and
as you can see, is getting quite proficient at it.


Here's a little video taken at the beginning of November. Obviously she
is getting the balance down. Now if she'd just put those feet in front
of one another!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Life with Lydie

Here are a couple photos from the past few weeks...

Owen and Lydie investigate their friend Maeve in the stroller at playgroup.

Bundled up Lydie in her cousin's snowsuit (gotta love hand-me-downs!) and took a beautiful hike in Micheaux State Forest the first weekend in November.

Aunt Leslie and Uncle John

Mommy and Daddy are so happy not to be carrying a 20 lb. baby on their backs! Ahhh...

The view...

Poor Lydia had a cold. The running nose just doesn't end - what our doctor calls the "green 11s". Playing in the kitchen in her jammies. What a life!

So when we "babyproofed" the kitchen daddy said, "Should we put locks on the cereal cabinet?" I replied, "Nah". Ok,
so now I'm eating my words. Lydia is slightly obsessed with taking the
boxes out, removing the bags and this time dumping the entire bag on
the floor. This photo is almost to say, "Here,Mummeee, have some, I've got plenty!"

Lydie was snacking in her high chair before "school" on Wednesday. I just couldn't get over how the light was striking her face.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last weekend we ventured to Albany to introduce Lydia to her Great-grandma Willson
- an almost 98-year old woman who raised 7 boys and 1 girl. We figured
she spent 6 years of her life pregnant and Can you imagine how many
diapers that is!?! She so enjoyed Lydia and the feeling was mutual. We
had a lovely visit.
Meeting great-grandma

Daddy is so silly!

4 generations

A split second on Great-Grandma's lap

The cousins: Double trouble...

Blinds are a blast!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Donning the costume...

Truly not thrilled about this hood.

Lydia hugging her dog puppet and appropriately "wuff"ing on cue.

The day Babe moved to Penn Hall was Trick-or-Treat there, so we suited up Lydie. Definitely brightened her spirits! Lydie was digging through Babe's bag searching for a last bit of candy. We couldn't get her attention to look at the camera...

Riley, the cutest Penn State cheerleader and a squirmy Lydie

Definitely more interested in Luke's lollipop than posing for the camera

Go Penn State! :)

Lydie and G-ma on Halloween.

What a cutie!

Sitting on Aunt Leslie's lap.

Lydie with cowboyman Owen and mummyshirt Maeve

Happy Halloween, Maeve

So excited to see Owen as a monkey!

Unfortunately she was not quite as thrilled to pose for a photo with the monkey.

Owen the monkey on the go.

Too cute. :)