Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Early Summer

Photos of our early summertime adventures...

Our Play Group Mommies took the kids to the wildlife refuge in Fairfield. As you can tell they were in awe of the animals. And Lydie was obsessed with feeding peanuts to the goats.

Can you believe we got them all to sit still? (Didn't quite achieve the whole "looking at the camera and smiling" thing, but what we got was quite an achievement!)

Chasing ducks over Memorial Day Weekend

Lydia LOVES her dog - and I mean, LOVES! He's the third person she asks for when she wakes up in the morning (after mommy and daddy). She enjoys snuggling with him on our bed, chasing him, commanding him, feeding him... She thinks he's hilarious repeating often, "Guinney's funny".

At 31 1/2 weeks pregnant I finished the YMCA 5K in the middle of a thunderstorm (rain was literally pelting us) while pushing Avery. Mimi pushed Lydia and we met up with Avery's mommy at the finish line (she jogged it in her 2nd trimester!)

I just love this photo of me & my precious little girl.

A windy day in Johnstown visiting Lydie's great-grandparents.

Mommy & Daddy took a Pre-Cosmo, Sans-Lydia get-away to New York City last weekend. What amazing experiences we had and so refreshing for us! We are so thankful for this opportunity to be spontaneous and connect and relax.

Our fair little girl enjoying her banana in the shade. She loves climbing up onto these comfy chairs on our porch and relaxing.

Picking "strah bah dees" with Aunt Leslie

Our little farmer helping Dr. Bobo plant pumpkin seeds.

We took a morning jont to Cowan's Gap. Lydia loved our hike around the lake during which she pointed out all of the animals, boats, and waters.

"I see fishies!"

She was sooo funny with the sand. When daddy was about to put her down, she hiked her legs up to her chest. When he got her standing, she refused to move. We finally coaxed her into the water and played some games which included splashing. She attempted to mimic a little boy swimming which was not the smartest idea for a child who doesn't really know how to hold her breath under water. Understandably she was hesitant to pursue "swimming" with daddy and we resumed splashing. A gorgeous day.

Our little mimicker is now into doing "faces". Check this one out! When I was a teenager I got scolded for "wrinkling my nose" - she's starting early, G-pa!

Lydie visits her Great-ma once a week and loves to run up to her lap & engage her.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Lydia loves for others to join in her own little adventures. She often says, "C'mon, Mummy" or "Sit down" She's also a riot with her plurals and pronouns. For example, if she's looking for a stuffed animal she'll say, "There she is, I found him" which can be quite amusing when it's totally the wrong use. I was quite impressed when she actually handed me something and said, "Yours" the other day (quite a contrast from the "Mine" we hear with increasing frequency). Our little drama queen also decided today to emphasize her longing for certain things by saying, "I NEED it" :)


Andrew said...


I came looking for pictures of Lydia and I gardening together, what gives!

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yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

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