Monday, February 25, 2008

I love you...

Life with Boogles is certainly an adventure. She is becoming more and more of a little girl every day. Her vocabulary is expanding at lightening speed. She now speaks every word that she signs (so she often does both especially for emphasis ;) She's developed variations of "no" such as "nope" and "no way". And she attempts to repeat pretty much everything someone says to her. Her singing is to a new level - she knows whole phrases of songs and fills in words if you stop, for songs like "the ABCs" and "Twinkle Twinkle." Last week she started repeating "I love you." I think my heart skipped a beat. Her version sounds more like "I luh doo" :) Such a sweet moment...

Yes, it's an innovative yogurt-eating technique. While mommy was working on the computer, Lydie decided that perhaps a pen would be a more effective tool than a spoon to get the yogurt into her mouth. Lovely...

"Um, daddy, would mommy really like it if I stepped into this spaghetti sauce-covered pan?"

"Yea, I did it! (even if mommy didn't approve) He he!"

Lydie received Minnie from her grandparents for Valentine's day. She obviously LOVES her: hugs and kisses!

She also got a Mickey cookie - the black icing made for some interesting lipstick.

Playing in her "boat"

Some mornings I give her a book to read and she requests to do this on the bed.

Lydie and her cousin Gabby with Grandpa & Grandma - what fun!

Lydia on rollerskates for the first time. She basically just stood still in them - had a hard time moving her feet.

She was glad her friend Owen felt the same way...